Management & Organization

“Technicraft Product Design Inc., with its management and employees, brings strong individual skill sets, complementary experience and over 102 years of collective industrial experience. With a growing range of innovative devices, Technicraft Product Design, home of Shutgun shut off tools, now also includes WaterHero in their lineup, a smart leak detection system that protects the home from leaks and flooding. At Technicraft Product Design we are committed to products that promote preparedness, prevention, and innovation.”

The versatility of our design is the future of our product.
— Technicraft Product Design Inc.


Greg Patterson / President

A founding partner of Technicraft. Mr. Patterson has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Honors) degree and 36 years of domestic and international experience in virtually every aspect of business management including executive management, engineering, sales, marketing, operations and acquisitions. Prior to joining Technicraft, he served in executive positions with GP Industries Ltd, Polyphalt, ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Fisher Gauge Limited, the Ballard Group and Lenkurt Electric, as well as consulting for various local and international companies. Mr. Patterson along with his overall duties of President is responsible for the Chinese production and will spend the majority of his time on engineering, marketing and sales.


Jim Ree / 
Vice President, Operations

A founding partner of Technicraft. Since receiving his journeyman papers as a millwright he has operated for the last 30 years a very successful welding and machine shop business in Collingwood with annual sales up to $3 million. Vice President Fabricated Structural Components from 1989 to 1992 and Board of Directors, Collingwood Yacht Club 2009 & 2010.


Eli Scardaoni / 
Vice President, Product Development

A founding partner of Technicraft. From 1956 to 1992 when he retired he worked for the Toronto fire department starting as a fireman and working up to Captain and then District Chief. At that time he became concerned about the amount of water damage caused by an activated sprinkler head and the inability of wedges to effectively shut off the water flow. He then started working on the concept for a device that eventually became the Shutgun. Mr. Scardaoni will concentrate his time on refining the design of our existing product and developing new ones.


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