Save Time & Money.

Designed and tested to shut off activated fire sprinkler heads instantly, Shutgun is your best defence against the hazardous and expensive effects of water damage. Next to every fire extinguisher, the Shutgun will quickly minimize water damage that activated fire sprinklers cause.

More than 40,000 Shutgun's have been sold worldwide and have become as a toolbox staple for building managers, hotels, emergency services, contractors, moving and storage, and construction companies worldwide.


Safety First

Designed by engineers and firefighters, Shutgun is the first product to incorporate a unique fusible link that will release in case of fire - and reactivate the sprinkler. 

Shutgun is engineered to shut off sprinkler heads including standard, sheared or broken, concealed, institutional, and semi-recessed style.

Its one hand activation makes it safe and easy to use.

Cost of Water Damage?

Water flows from a sprinkler head at a rate of 50+ gallons per minute – The residual damage can cost up to $1,000 for every minute left running.  Is your insurance ready to cover water damage related to accidental fire sprinkler activation?

Don’t waste another minute searching for a solution: Shutgun on every floor – with every fire extinguisher. 




It's essential.

“Every cabinet should have at least one ShutGun ready. We carry one in every truck. It's essential to our team.”

— Trent Elyea, Fire Chief, Town of Collingwood

60psi in 10 seconds.

“You gotta be proud of your product [Shutgun]! A full 60psi line feed was closed in 10 seconds with this tool!”

— Warman Fire Rescue, Sasckatchewan

Insurance for companies.

“The Shutgun is insurance for companies and property and has proven its value in real life situations.”

— Greg Patterson, President





The Shutgun tool is designed to be a companion to sprinkler systems, allowing anyone – residents, owners, maintenance alike - the ability to quickly and easily shut off the sprinkler in the unfortunate event of accidental sprinkler head activation.



Carving Out a New Culture of Safety.

Over 15,000 ShutGuns have been purchased by hotel chains, universities, hospitals and other commercial property companies. Over 6 years of public and press recognition can be viewed by clicking here.