Water Hero: Full Feature List

Home & Away Modes

Easily toggle between home and away modes to configure and manage when alerts are sent to you and shut-off occurs


Leak Text & Email Alert

Leak alerts based on continuous flow sent directly to your cell phone and email so that you can act accordingly, immediately


Automatic Water shut-off upon leak detection

Shuts off water upon detection of a leak so even if you don’t get to your phone in time, you’re protected


User configurable settings

Avoid false positives by easily setting and adjusting all alert parameters to create based on your water usage habits


Operates without wifi or power

Protects during a power outage by operating on a backup battery for up to three days


Multiple devices per account

Ability to have multiple devices linked to one account to manage many properties or units with one easy-to-use web interface


Real-time water use

See your real time water use in the dashboard screen so you know when and how much water is flowing when it shouldn’t be


24 hour running water use data

View your hourly water consumption over the last 24 hours to monitor recent usage and detect anomalies


All-time water use

Toggle between dates and times to see your water consumption between customized set time intervals. Know if water is running at night indicating a non-damaging leak


Stopwatch measurement

Use the stopwatch feature to learn about your water consumption and measure flow over a set time